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Get LIFETIME ACCESS to the challenge content

NOT in a facebook group!

The Facebook group for the challenge will be closed down at the end of January 2023, at which time you will lose access to all content there. Lifetime access gives you access to the content in a place outside of Facebook, with your very own login details.


You will have access to the full replay of every live session held during the challenge. You will also receive the written version and an audio only version of the sessions, so that you can choose how you consume it again.


You will have access to that content forever. There will be no annual renewal fee.

Lifetime access costs only £19 but must be purchased before the end of the challenge.

No strings, no upsells, no extras - just £19!

A one time purchase, and you're in!

Buy now, and get access once the challenge has ended
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Oh no, you can't do that. Sorry!

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