Finding your voice with Caroline Sherrard

What does it actually mean to ‘find your voice’?

In this guest episode, I had a very enriching chat with the wonderful Caroline Sherrard, founder of Quiet Power Coaching, who empowers individuals to find their authentic voice and confidently share their message. She believes everyone can leave an impact through their words, guiding us to embrace vulnerability and connect with power. 

We talked about many, many things, like self-discovery and personal growth, including:

✨ Discovering inner kindness

✨  Remembering who you truly are. No masks, no scripts, just you. 

✨ Understanding the mind-body connection

✨ Embracing intuition, vulnerability, and self-compassion

✨ Becoming fully present and overcoming negativity to find your true voice

✨ Learning to appreciate and navigate the unique journey of personal growth.


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🌐 Connect with Caroline as Quiet Power Coaching:

Visit her website: Quiet Power Coaching

Connect with Caroline on LinkedIn: @carolinesherrardquietpowercoaching

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