Super Power Session

Are you ready to super charge your intuitive eating & body confidence? If so, the super power session is for you.
Super Power Session experience

"The power is in my hands"

“We have covered such a variety of areas of my life and you always seem to know how to knit them together to form the bigger picture.

You have given me motivation to take control of the situation, and it’s helped me to realise the power is in my hands. I’m very grateful for that.

I know that I can complete the goals we set. They are challenging yet possible.”

Coaching client ~ MR

Are you tired of dieting and feeling disconnected from your body?

As a woman who struggled for years with yo-yo diets and negative body image, I understand the emotional toll that comes with constantly trying to conform to society’s unrealistic beauty standards. It wasn’t until I discovered intuitive eating and learned to embrace my body exactly as it is, that I finally found freedom and confidence in myself.

There is real power in self-acceptance and how it can transform not only your relationship with food but also how you view yourself.

Join me for a transformative coaching Super Power Session focused on intuitive eating and building body confidence. During our session, we’ll dive deep into your personal struggles with food and self-image, uncovering limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, and bringing in the new beliefs that you want to take forward and live by.

Together, we will empower you to make peace with food and build a positive body image.

Book a Super Power Session today and take the first step towards embracing your true worth!

What is a Super Power Session?

Time and place

A Super Power Session is a 90 minute coaching session, focused totally on you. It’s a space for you to work on anything you choose. 

Maybe that’s your eating habits, maybe you would like to start intuitive eating and don’t know where to begin, maybe you want to improve your body confidence, maybe it’s something totally different. This is your 90 minutes – use them however you choose.

If you’re local we can do this in person, or if you’re further away we can do it in a Zoom call. 

Coaching experience

I’m not here to teach you, I’m here to help bring the absolutely best out of you, so I’ll be giving you a 90 minute coaching experience.

It’s collaborative. I will ask you questions and help you to work through thoughts that come up. I will help you to work towards your goals, identify obstacles, and developing new ways of thinking to overcome them.

And after the session?

For the following 3 days after your Super Power Session you’ll have unlimited Voxer support.

This is the time where you will be processing the work you have done in the coaching session, and I’m on hand to answer your questions and help you to work through anything new that comes up.

My Signature Personal Coaching Package

1 to 1 Coaching

One 90-Minute Personal Coaching Session

One 90-minute session held online, designed to help you work through your thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food and body image. I’ll help you to set some goals, give you actions to take away and try for yourself, and start to reframe those thoughts into positive new ones.

Extra Support

Support After Your Session

For the following 3 days after each session you’ll have unlimited Voxer support. This is the time where you will be processing the  work you have done in the coaching session, and I’m on hand to answer your questions and help you to work through anything new that comes up.

Super Power Session Fee

  • Pay In Full £333

    Pay the total balance on booking.

  • Split Pay £175 x 2

    A split pay option is available if you would prefer to spread the cost. The package may be secured with a deposit of £175, payable on booking, with one remaining payment of £175 taken one month later. You can pay this earlier if you choose. The package a total is £350 if paying by split pay. Please note, should the split pay option be taken, the full balance must be paid before we meet for your session.

Why Choose Me

Not only will I help you with your food & body worries, but I’ll always do it in a way that is relaxed & fun.

Terri Pugh is leaning on a dining table which is laid out with cake on a stand, some cake on plates already cut, and a vase contains some fresh wild flowers. She is wearing a light blue floaty top and is smiling.

I am a certified Intuitive Eating counsellor, trained with Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch (the original Intuitive Eating pros), and I have body image certification through Marci Evans.

I am a Level 5 Certified Coach & Mentor, trained with the Institute of Leadership, which means I am have lots of skills and tools under my belt to help you achieve those results.

To add to this, I have qualifications which allow me to support your nutrition as well as your eating behaviours.

Aside from the professional stuff, I am going to be your biggest cheerleader. I’ll be the person you can trust, confide in, and lean on. I’ll always treat you with kindness and compassion, and hopefully we’ll have a laugh or two along the way.

I’m also ASDAH and Health At Every Size affiliated, which means I will always advocate for your wellbeing, no matter what your shape or size. 

There is no set plan, course, or curriculum to follow. Everything is tailored to you and your needs. One day that might be understanding more about intuitive eating, and on other days you might like to talk about your body confidence. I’ll go with the flow, supporting you where you need it.

Most Popular Questions

Coaching is not teaching. As a coach I believe you have everything you need within you, and it is my job to help you find that and make the changes that suit you.

It's collaborative. I will ask you questions and help you to work through thoughts that support your goals, identify obstacles, and developing new ways of working to overcome them.

This isn't therapy, which often focuses on healing past wounds. We will talk about the past, but personal coaching primarily concentrates on the present and future, and what your life can become.

Coaching, I believe, is very special and full of WOW moments.



I have a whole section on what intuitive eating is, and how you can start to apply it to your life. You can find that here.

These sessions are always so good face to face so we can meet in person if you are local to Herefordshire (UK). We can arrange a mutually agreed venue. If there is travel or room hire involved there may additional costs that I have to charge, but talk to me and we'll figure it out. If you would prefer not to meet in person, or you're further away, we can always hold the session online using Zoom. It works just as well.

That's no problem. You will always be able to book a session at a time that suits you, as long as it is free in my calendar.

You will have a booking link to access that. On the whole though, my working hours are:

  • 6pm - 9pm, Mondays to Wednesdays
  • 10am - 4pm, Thursdays and Fridays
  • 11am - 3pm, Saturdays
These are UK times. Sessions will be held within these hours, and Voxer responses will also be within these hours.

Confidentiality and privacy are so important in coaching sessions.

As your coach, I adhere to strict ethical guidelines to ensure that all discussions and information shared during our session remains confidential.

This means that anything you disclose during our session will be kept strictly between us, unless you provide explicit permission to share certain information with others.

Additionally, I use secure communication platforms and all sessions and communication is done in a personal and quiet environment - no-one else has access to me while I am working with you.  

If we meet in person we will determine where you will be happy to hold open conversation and select the venue accordingly. 

Life happens and sometimes we have to move things around. That's absolutely fine. I just ask that you give more than 24 hours notice for rescheduling or cancelling appointments.

If you need to cancel at short notice it must be by email, and no refunds or additional sessions will be provided for cancellations made within this time.

Not at all. When you book a Super Power Session you are committing to that session only. 

You are welcome to book more Super Power Sessions after if you would like to, or book a personal coaching package, but there is no obligation to.

Not at all. As a certified coach I can help you with lots of areas of your life. 

Personal situations, work or study goals, career development, confidence in general, life..... these are just some of the areas I can coach you in. If you want to make changes in an aspect of your life I can coach you through that.

I believe that everyone has complete body autonomy, and if weight loss is your goal then it is not for me to say otherwise.

BUT.... as an intuitive eater or someone working on body confidence, weight loss cannot be a goal.

To be a true intuitive eater you are being respectful of your body, and removing rules and restriction from your eating. If you are trying to lose weight you are almost certainly going to be adding those things back in.

So no, I'm afraid not. If you're looking for a weight loss coach I am not the coach for you.

Voxer is a platform that allows you to voice note and text me, It's similar to other apps like WhatsApp in that respect. You'll have support there for 3 days after your session. You can log on to it online, or you can install an app onto your phone. It's nice and easy to use.

Not sure yet? Book a discovery call

I understand that coaching can feel like a big decision. I am here to answer your questions though.

If you’d like a chat with me before you decide I’m happy to do that. No pressure or obligation to book, just think of it as a friendly chat over a cuppa!

Oh no, you can't do that. Sorry!


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