The Intuitive Eating Network

Connection, support & knowledge sharing for intuitive eating professionals in the UK & Ireland


Form great connections with other intuitive eating counsellors, coaches and healthcare professionals who use intuitive eating in their work. Build a network of people also helping their clients to bring intuitive eating into their lives.


A supportive environment where you can seek advice, guidance, and encouragement from people who understand the challenges you face as a professional in the intuitive eating space.

Knowledge Sharing

Learn from others' perspectives and experiences. Gain insights, expertise, and best practices, for your continued learning and professional development.

This group is open to anyone based in the UK & Ireland who is incorporating intuitive eating into their practice with their clients.

The conversation will be a mix of networking, to chat about business, share experiences, and get support, and to also discuss an aspect of intuitive eating and how we work with it. 

It will be a place for support, knowledge sharing, and building connections. A place where you can find encouragement, advice and guidance. And somewhere you can learn from others’ expertise and insights, and share your own, so that you can stay motivated while developing your knowledge and skills. 

It’s online too by the way, so you don’t have to travel.

Ready to join us? Just complete the registration.

Polite note: This is a strictly non-diet space, so if you are a weight loss coach I would suggest there is a better networking space than this for you. Thank you for your understanding.

Upcoming Sessions

18th April

1pm – 2pm

16th May

1pm – 2pm

20th June

1pm – 2pm



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