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Do any of these sound like you?
You’re a slave to the bathroom scales, checking your weight most days, scared of what the numbers will be.
You’ve tried every diet in the book, some several times, and nothing has really worked in the long term. Or you’re stuck on that diet for fear of what will happen if you stop.
You feel guilty or fearful around food You live by rules that tell you what you can eat and when you can eat it?
You feel like you’ve lost control around food. Do you feel like you can’t trust yourself when you’re around a buffet or cakes in the office?
You repeatedly say “It’s ok, I’ll start again Monday” because you’ve lost track or life got in the way of your diet.
You’d rather cancel an event than struggle to find an outfit you feel good in, or you spend the evening feeling self conscious.
If only you could just STOP and be happy
If only you could be like your friends and not care about food.  If only you could eat what you want without being bothered about a stupid diet.  If only you could stop counting calories or macros, syns or points.  If only you didn’t need to stand on the scales any more.   If only there was a way to take all of this away……. There is!
I know this feels impossible right now
That is why I created the Eat From Within membership

As a member, each month you get..

The Eat From Within System Course

Created by Terri, the Eat From Within system simplifies intuitive eating and body positivity. This mini course takes you through the system, giving you an easy way to apply the skills and knowledge to your own life.

Monthly live workshop session

A live coaching workshop each month, where we dig into a specific topic around improving your eating habits and improving body confidence. Audio replays available for if you can't make the live session.

open topic Group Coaching Session

Another group coaching session where you can come together with other members, and get support from Terri, and from each other. This is your opportunity to bring questions on anything intuitive eating and body positivity based. Can't make the session? That's ok. They're all available on audio replay too.

Social Community

The Eat From Within Facebook group. A safe space for you to chat about topics, share interesting finds, celebrate successes, get support, and be a part of an awesome community where people really understand.

All content access

Immediate access to the Eat From Within members area, including a members' only podcast where you can get replays of all group coaching held before you joined.

other bonuses

Discount on payable webinars, courses and events hosted by Terri, and a generous affiliate scheme which pays you back in cash for every paying member you introduce.

As a monthly plus member you also get..

Instant messenger & Email support

Need a little more help between sessions, a space to vent, or want to celebrate a win? Drop Terri a message for some motivation, words of support, and celebration for you and your progress.

personal coaching session

A 30 minute coaching session each month, just you and Terri.

Do you want MORE?

You also get...

mini course - body respect

Learning how to appreciate and respect your body goes hand in hand with having a stress free relationship with food. This self guided mini course will take you through what body respect is, why it's important, and how you can begin to practice it for yourself.

mini course - hunger & Fullness

Hunger & fullness are much more than just a feeling in your belly. They give you so many more signals that you can feel in your body. This self guided mini course will help you understand how hunger & fullness may feel for you, and how they can help you reduce bingeing and enjoy eating again.


Ready to join and find a more peaceful relationship with food? Just hit the button

Eat From Within will help you to…

Take back control

...of your eating habits so that you feel like you can eat anything, at any time, without worrying about bingeing, gaining weight, or breaking a diet

Bin the bathroom scales

...and no longer feel the need to weigh yourself multiple times a day, because you know that your worth is not determined by your weight.

Stop dieting

...and eat what you intuitively know that you want and need to eat. Your body will guide you if you let it, I promise (even if right now you think that it won't!)

Start enjoying life

...with your family and friends, without worrying about your body. Enjoy those day trips, meals, parties, and even work events, and make new, happy, carefree memories.

Stop the counting

...of everything you eat and drink. Intuitive eating involves no restriction. There is no need to weigh, count, or measure food. Free yourself from that draining routine that you go through every single day.

Enjoy your body

...as it is, without feeling that you need to change it. The membership will help you appreciate your body and see that it is unique and beautiful, and doesn't need to change to suit other people.

Terri Pugh is stood holding a cake stand which holds a lovely big white chocolate and raspberry cake. She is wearing a pink top, and looks very happy.
Why learn from Terri Pugh?

Hello! If we haven’t met before, it’s nice to meet you.

I have wasted years of my life dieting and missing out on life because I was so worried about my weight and how I looked.

Years of relentlessly counting and tracking, and at it’s worst in the thick of an eating disorder.

So I know, and I understand. I get how desperate it can feel to be in a body that you don’t like, eating food with panic and lack of control.

Now, I am a certified Intuitive Eating counsellor, trained by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch, the original Intuitive Eating pros.

I’m ASDAH and Health At Every Size affiliated, which means I will always advocate for your wellbeing, no matter what your shape or size.

Plus, I have qualifications which will allow me to support your nutrition, as well as your eating behaviours.


I am going to be your biggest cheerleader, always treating you with kindness and compassion, and hopefully we’ll have a laugh along the way too.

I am here for you, ready to support you, guide you, and celebrate with you.

Terri x

Join now and get instant access


£ 30 Monthly
  • Monthly Workshop Session
  • Affiliate Programme
  • Monthly Group Coaching Session
  • Mini Course - Body Respect
  • Mini Course - Hunger & Fullness
  • All Content Access
  • Members Only Podcast
  • Members Only Community

Monthly PLUS

£ 57 Monthly
  • Monthly Workshop Session
  • Affiliate Programme
  • Monthly Group Coaching Session
  • Mini Course - Body Respect
  • Mini Course - Hunger & Fullness
  • All Content Access
  • Members Only Podcast
  • Members Only Community
  • Coaching Via Instant Messenger
  • Coaching Via Email
  • 30 Min Personal Coaching Each Month

I’m super confident that you are going to love the coaching, learning how to live a life free of stress and anxiety around food and your body, and being a part of an awesome community of people. But, if for whatever reason you don’t feel that it’s for you, just let me know within your first 7 days and I’ll send you a full refund. No explanation needed. Guaranteed. After that, you can cancel any time but no refund will be due.

What people are saying

I'm learning so so much from you and it's helping me a whole lot.

Keep doing the work you're doing because it's changing people's lives.
It's been less than a week - I haven’t followed a diet plan of any type and the bingeing is slowing down. The sessions are amazing. I didn’t think anybody could make a difference but you did!!
Finally! I am learning so much from your information and feel like I'm finally getting answers or clarity on so many areas of my 40+ years of food battles.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to have a better relationship with food?
Are you ready to have a better relationship with your body?
Find your food freedom, increase your body confidence, and ditch diets forever.

Oh no, you can't do that. Sorry!

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I'm Terri Pugh

I’m here to help you to get rid of the stress and worry around food, eat more intuitively, and find compassion and love for your body, whatever shape or size it is.

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