Human Design and intuitive eating, with Charlie Garnham

In this week’s episode I’m talking to Charlie Garnham.

Charlie is a Human Design expert, specialising in helping women to move away from their Good Girl conditioning and stepping away from the frantic “doing” of their businesses and lives and finding more flow and ease by becoming the natural leader they were born to be.

Intuitive, yet practical, Charlie uses the Human Design system to uncover your personal map to success in life through teaching the system to others and guiding them to embody their unique design.

A marketer in her corporate career, Charlie has spent her life trying to understand why she is so different and found the answer in her experimentation with the Human Design system which has enabled her to stop feeling stressed and bitter, and live with ease in all aspects of life.

In my conversation with Charlie, we talk about the concept of human design (a system that helps individuals understand their true selves and what makes them different based on their time and place of birth), and its application in areas like eating behaviours, emotional states, and movement habits, with an emphasis on aligning individual needs with lifestyle choices for improved well-being.



This was such a fun conversation. Some of the things we covered are:

⭐ How human design can be linked to how people approach eating behaviours and body confidence by understanding your individual conditioning and learning your unique decision-making process.

⭐ The importance of recognizing personal preferences in eating, moving, and living rather than following societal norms or influencer trends.

⭐ The primary health system derived in human design charts and how understanding your environment can affect digestion.

⭐ How human design can serve as a deconditioning tool.

⭐ The sacral response and gut instinct, and the importance of asking yes or no questions to elicit a bodily reaction for decision-making.

⭐ Emotional authority in human design, and the importance of emotional awareness in the decision-making process for food choices.

⭐ The importance of sleep and its impact on health, and how your human design can help with that.

⭐ Movement based on the body graph in human design.

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How can you work with Charlie?

✨ Human Design reading; unearth your natural leadership style with your unique Human Design

✨ Lead Your Clients to Clarity. 12 week group learning programme for service based business owners and coaches to learn not only their own Human Design but their clients too

✨ Instinctive Leadership with Human Design. 3 month 1:1 empowerment coaches for leaders to stop doing the doing in their business and become an impactful leader.



🌐 Connect with Charlie:

💻 Here is her website: https://www.charliegarnham.com/

🖼️ She loves a bit of Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecharliegarnham

💬 Find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61552141300152

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