Learning to flourish, with Gwenne Dickson

In this week’s guest episode, I’m indulging my spiritual woowoo side and chatting with Gwenne Dickson. 

Gwenne is an Empowerment coach, a vibrationally healed healer, and a Master NLP practitioner, who brings together all of these and practical spirituality through a connection to your higher self.

Gwenne teaches self-love first and foremost, along with self-awareness, emotional and vibrational mastery, as well as reframing limiting beliefs and thoughts.

We had such a great chat and I know you’re going to love it. Amongst other things, we talked about:

⭐ The power of saying no

⭐ People pleasing

⭐ Higher self and how to access her

⭐ Intuition and gut feelings

⭐ Vibrational meditation, and how to get started

⭐ What If questions as a great alternative to affirmations

⭐ How to use the Loving Kindness Metta Prayer to show yourself (and others) some kindness – you can find more info on that in the links below.

This really was such a lovely conversation, and there’s so much here that Gwenne gives as tools for you to use in your self love journey.

Ready to connect with your Higher Self? Have a listen to the episode below and discover the joy and love of connecting with your Higher Self and your inner being.

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🙏 Here’s the link to the metta prayer: Loving Kindness Meditation

Follow, join, and learn from Gwenne. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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