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The truth, from an ex Slimming World consultant

In this guest episode, I’m bringing you an INSIDE LOOK at the world of a former Slimming World consultant, Sue Hargreaves.

Sue spent over 50 years trapped in ‘diet culture’, and let me tell you her journey from a lifelong Slimming World Consultant to an Intuitive Eating advocate is an ABSOLUTE EYE-OPENER! 

In this episode, Sue spills the beans on the REALITY of being a consultant – and trust me, it’s EYE-OPENING! We also talked about:

⭐ What consultants are really up to

⭐ How Slimming World looks from a member’s perspective

⭐ Behind the Scenes of Slimming World Groups

⭐ The nitty-gritty of diet plans

⭐  Food restrictions and freedom

⭐ The rollercoaster of yo-yo dieting

⭐ The impact of weight cycling on physical and mental health

BONUS: Don’t miss Sue’s resources and FREEBIE – find them in the links below!

This episode is a MUST-LISTEN, and if you’ve ever wondered what goes on BEHIND THE SCENES, this one’s for you! Also, find out how Sue shifted towards INTUITIVE EATING!

Ready to dive in? Have a listen to the episode below: 

If you’d like to watch our conversation on YouTube, simply click the link below, subscribe to the show, and turn the notifications on for new episode updates! 

The excitement doesn’t stop here! Get ready for Part Two next week, where we’ll dive even deeper into actual plans, food, and eating behaviours and stuff! It’s gonna be epic. Oh I can’t wait!!

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Please note, this post is intended to be general information only. Every care has been taken to ensure that facts and figures are correct at the time of posting. As always, please seek the support of a registered professional before making changes to your diet or lifestyle⁠, or if you feel that you are affected by any of the topics discussed.

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